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From just a little freshening up to taking it to the car show. That is the way refurbs go, some people only want to do a little cosmetic work to a used unit to give it a freshened-up look. And others want to make and older unit look the way it did when it rolled off the showroom floor, that is totally up to you.


Wireline Truck Fab has been doing refurbs since the start, and we have learned that NO TWO ARE THE SAME when it comes to refurbs. We have aligned ourselves with vendors far and wide to be able to supply us with the parts needed to refurb your unit to its optimum, when it comes to reliability and looks. Wireline Truck Fab has an onsite paint booth that allows us to give you a custom paint job on your refurbished unit. 

Open Back Conversions

Convert your Conventional truck into an Open Back. One of the services that Wireline Truck Fab offers is converting Conventional units to Open Back Unit for the Pump Down Market. Visibility is the key when you Open the back of your conventional Wireline unit. 

Mast Additions

Add a Mast. Sounds funny but it works. Bring us your Wireline Unit or Slickline Unit let us install a Mast on your existing unit. With minor modifications, we may be able to ad up to a 65’mast on your existing unit and do away with crane rentals for good. 

Give us a call to discuss your unit and what you envision it could be. 

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