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Wireline Truck Fab stands behind the quality and workmanship of our equipment and will repair warranty matters resulting from quality workmanship issues on Wireline Truck Fab’s part by:


After notification of failure, Wireline Truck Fab will take delivery of and inspect the defective part at our facility in Seguin, TX. It will be at Wireline Truck Fab’s discretion to replace or repair any defective part covered by said warranty. 


All installed equipment is warranted by the supplier and warranty cards are delivered to the end user when the item has been installed and the equipment has been commissioned.


All warranties are contingent upon proper use and maintenance and will not apply to any equipment that has been misused, abused, ill maintained, repaired or modified by anyone other than Wireline Truck Fab.


Structural integrity of our logging body will be guaranteed for 5 years from the date of manufacture, Wireline Truck Fab will be responsible for repair or replacement of any structural defect at no charge to the customer, at our facility in Seguin TX.

Chassis warranty is covered by the manufacture of the chassis and can be found in the vehicle manual, and will begin when the unit is commissioned and the warranty information packet is filled out and returned to the manufacturer by the end user.

Chassis maintenance schedule can be found in the Vehicle Maintenance Manual, supplied by the manufacturer and located in the vehicle at the time of delivery to the end user.

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