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How long does custom wireline truck fabrication take?

Just like building a new home or rebuilding an old one, the time it takes depends on what you want in it. New trucks of a standard design, can take as little as 10 weeks depending on the customization level that you want, and if the chassis required, is available. 

Refurbs are another ball game all together. Depending upon the level of refurb that you desire, a refurb can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months. We will work with you to come up with a time line that agreeable and efficient.

Give us a call to discuss your new build or refurb.

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Do you finance wireline units?

We work with finance companies to get your unit financed. We at Wireline Truck Fab are in the business of building and refurbing wireline trucks. We do however have companies that are very familiar with the wireline business and are willing to discuss finance options with you. 

Do you lease wireline units?

Wireline Truck Fab does not lease units, but we can put you in touch with a leasing company that is familiar with the wireline industry and can discuss leasing options with you.

Do you build wireline trucks for overseas?

Yes, we do. We build trucks for service in all countries of the world and have done for many years. We do not do the exportation of the unit, that responsibility is placed on the buyer. Delivery of all export units is at our facility in Seguin Texas.  We have sold new units and refurbed units to many companies from all over the world. Wireline Truck Fab is not the “Exporter” nor do we “Box” or “Crate” units.

Give us a call to discuss your wireline unit needs.

Can I buy auxiliary equipment from Wireline Truck Fab?

Yes, we have aligned ourselves with vendors from around the US to supply us with most of the auxiliary equipment that you would need to Rig Out your wireline truck. Slick line, Braided line, and Electric line tools and support equipment is available upon request. We can supply everything from stem and bars to logging tools and Warrior Systems

Give us a call to discuss your auxiliary equipment needs.

Do you do Service Work on wireline trucks?

Yes, we have a support staff that can handle most of your maintenance needs. We are currently adding on to our facility to encompass a “Service Center” for servicing the drive train, hydraulic system, measurement system, and generator of your wireline unit.

Give us a call to schedule your next service.

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